I have a proven track record in building confidence, improving skills and mentally preparing you for all audiences.

Whatever your goals are we will work together to help achieve them. 

I can work with you on:

  • Auditions

  • Drama school applications and auditions 

  • Exams

  • Public speaking 

  • Confidence building 

From experience I realise how hard it is to pursue a career in acting or sales. A lot of the hard work is down to the mind and being able to cope with rejection. This is always the hardest thing to tackle when you put yourself infront of an audience. You may be the best singer or actor in the world, but unfortunatelty not everyone has the mindset to handle the highs and lows of performing.

The most important this is to learn how to keep going. 

I have an enhanced DBS check and I am also a mental health first aider.


One to one training - £35 per hour 

Duo training - £20 per hour per person 

Group of 3 plus - £15 per hour per person

Workshops - Price on application depending on size or group, location and duration